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Standard Crypto is a venture capital firm with elite company-building experience and deep-rooted expertise in crypto. We serve the entrepreneurs and communities who are using blockchains to reshape the internet, marketplaces, and money itself. Crypto will power the most important tech startups of the next decade — and we’re here for it.
We Believe

Crypto is the future of the internet.

Crypto grows in cycles. A long-term perspective is critical.

The core of everything we do is our partnership with founders and communities. We share crypto’s values, including user sovereignty and community ownership.

The earliest moments in a company or protocol disproportionately shape its trajectory. We partner as early as possible.

We Are

Crypto OGs. Standard Crypto’s founders have been in the space since 2012.

Deeply technical. We write smart contracts, design mechanisms, and operate nodes.

Full-stack partners. From go-to-market to building management teams, we help lay the foundations that matter.

Entrepreneur driven. Building in crypto looks different and we don’t force-fit to a specific model.

True believers.