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Announcing our investment in Axiom. Ethereum smart contracts can't access historical data, leading to reliance on offchain servers. Axiom solves this with zero-knowledge proofs, ensuring computational integrity and expanding smart contract possibilities.

Taproot Wizards

We are excited to announce that we have led a $7.5M Seed financing in Taproot Wizards – a company leading the Ordinals movement, with long-term ambitions to do much more.

Bitcoin Is Dead. Long Live Bitcoin.

Bitcoin, once an intellectual center of gravity teeming with builders and ideas, has declined into a pseudo-religious lethargy. But Ordinals – an "accidental" consequence of Taproot – has awakened a tech-forward renaissance in Bitcoin. 15 years into its life, Bitcoin is a frontier once again.

The 7 deadly sins in crypto fundraising

Investors are in the business of saying “no” much more often than they say “yes,” but we have observed some ways that founders can better articulate that future. A great concept will be hindered by a poor presentation. Here are seven examples we’ve commonly encountered.