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Joining Standard Crypto

by Nick Matthew

I’m excited to announce that I’ve joined the investment team at Standard Crypto, a venture capital firm with elite company-building experience and deep-rooted expertise in crypto. We partner with founders as early as possible and provide full-stack support, from building management teams to designing mechanisms and running validators.

Adam and Alok have the unique combination of extensive experience in crypto — they’ve been investing in the industry for more than a decade — and backgrounds supporting generational companies from their time at Lightspeed and Benchmark. I’m thrilled to join them as we continue building the world’s leading crypto investment firm. 

My crypto journey began in 2020. After my college classes moved from campus to Zoom, I began spending more time exploring the edges of the web. That led me to Ethereum, whose community was working in public on a new decentralized financial and cultural layer for the internet. Captivated, I wanted to understand the technology from its foundations, and immediately gravitated towards the most technical topics I could find, like ZK cryptography and MEV.

Diving into blockchain infrastructure sparked my excitement about what the technology enables. 

The academic advancements in ZK technology drew me to the possibilities of privacy applications enabled by fast client-side proofs. Understanding the MEV industry’s market structure revealed one of many promising business models of consumer applications that own relationships with end-users. At Standard Crypto, I’ll be exploring my broad curiosity by investing across all sectors; I look forward to meeting and working with projects throughout the entire tech stack. 

Moving forward, you can find me actively writing on our blog, on Farcaster, and on X, thinking in public about the future of crypto. If you’re interested in chatting about what you’re building, please email me at

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