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Alok Vasudev


Texas-native Alok has been investing in crypto since 2012. He did a PhD at Stanford focused on nano physics. Previously he worked at VC firm Benchmark, and co-founded Standard Crypto in 2019.


Announcing our investment in Axiom. Ethereum smart contracts can't access historical data, leading to reliance on offchain servers. Axiom solves this with zero-knowledge proofs, ensuring computational integrity and expanding smart contract possibilities.

Taproot Wizards

We are excited to announce that we have led a $7.5M Seed financing in Taproot Wizards – a company leading the Ordinals movement, with long-term ambitions to do much more.

Bitcoin Is Dead. Long Live Bitcoin.

Bitcoin, once an intellectual center of gravity teeming with builders and ideas, has declined into a pseudo-religious lethargy. But Ordinals – an "accidental" consequence of Taproot – has awakened a tech-forward renaissance in Bitcoin. 15 years into its life, Bitcoin is a frontier once again.


Finding A Way Through Bulls and Bears

We've experienced several crypto cycles. Despite the ups and downs, we're confidently optimistic about crypto due to a deep historical grounding and a long-term investing philosophy. We wanted to share excerpts from our LP letters to provide a window into our thinking in both bulls and bears.